Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good news for Spring Breakers...

Well...I guess the idea of Spring was just that an idea. I woke up this morning to bitter cold temperatures and the threat of snow.
I had not checked the forecast so this came as a surprise but I figured it would just be a dusting and would be sunny by noon. So about my business I went and dressed for my floor duty at 8:30 only to realize that what I was about to wear didn't fit the conditions for the day, so back to the closet I went. Digging into the winter attire already was putting me in a mood that we don't want to discuss. I AM OVER WINTER...BRING ON THE SPRING!!!!
So upon my arrival at the office and firing up the trusty HP laptop the front page of our paper greets me with a headline "Springtime storm heading to region". I was thrilled, then I began reading the article and realized we are due for about 12" how could I not have known about this?
Oh least the snow is good for someone -- All the Spring Breakers in our college mountain town...
Here's to Spring coming -- SOON!!!!

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