Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thinking about the new BlackBerry Tour? You should read this.

So, I have to admit, I am a tech geek and love to have all the newest gadgets. So a few months ago when my trusty Palm Treo 755p crashed I decided I needed to explore the BlackBerry world (though I swore I would never have a BlackBerry). I started off with the Curve and I went through 3 of them in a matter of two months for different reasons (none being owner neglect).

And then we met...

It was a warm day in Durango and I had been driving past the Alltel store the last few days and kept telling myself I would stop in at some point and check the newest baby out...I had a few minutes to spare so into the store I went. I had called ahead and had my good buddy Colin help me out, we had become quick buds from all the problems I had with my Curve's. I sit down and we go over the phone and I was sold.

Now, as with most things, there are pros and cons and I though I'd share them with you. I wish I would have had someone share it with me so I knew what I was in for.

Internet speed is lighting fast (best as it can be for a smartphone), screen resolution is amazing, trackball is more user friendly and doesn't "snag" like the Curve, better lighting from they keys, better fitting skins, contact management is much better laid out and the phone has a more professional look (less screen icons) as opposed to the cluttered Curve, you don't have to take the battery out to get the memory card out, holds up to a 32 micro card

I have little hands and I still have a hard time as there is no space between the keys like on my Curve, the battery life is awful with a capital A (I purchased an extra battery and a handy spare battery charger from, awesome product), the vibration and ring is not as loud or as strong as the Curve but I can live with that.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and had I not had the Curve first with it's awesome battery life, spacey keyboard, and clicking of the keys...I would have no complaints.
Hope this helps someone else with their decision.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The dreaded HVCC takes center stage again....PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE PETITION

We have HVCC on the ropes so we need your help more than ever! On Wednesday, October 21st, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers used this petition to help convince the House Financial Services Committee to pass an amendment that will finally put an end the mess that HVCC has been making of the real estate and lending industries. More than the 102,000 signatures on the petition, it was the pace at which the petition is growing and the HVCC horror stories signers included with their electronic signatures. Now more than ever we need everyone to rally behind this cause to make absolutely certain it continues to gain the momentum necessary to make it through the House and Senate votes that are forthcoming. Please, please, Please, sign this petition if you haven't done so already and more importantly, send it to everyone you know in any sector of the real estate and lending industry as well as to all the current, past and future clients in your database. The new petition website makes it abundantly clear how all homeowners are losing equity and being harmed directly by HVCC as well as how it is blocking any chance at the real estate recovery our economy needs so desperately. Everyone you send to will be indebted to you for looking out for their best interest. We won the first of three battles which is more than anybody thought could happen and if we get serious and rally together now for one last massive push we should be able to put HVCC behind us forever. Thank you for your time, effort and support. Click here to see our interview with the president of NAMB

e-PRO Certification

I can say that I finally complete my e-PRO designation course. It seems silly but it almost took me the full six months to complete it. I had a lot of changes during that time. I changed offices and my business grew exponetially. However, even though it did take me the full six months, I have to say that this was one course that was well "worth it's weight in gold". This course explores everything from domains, internet marketing to simple blogging techniques and I really believe is the new role in the real estate industry.
I next will be working on my ABR designation as I do work as a Buyer's agent most times and am always looking for a way to be better and improve my skills. I am hoping as the snow begins to fly and things settle down in our sleepy mountain time I will have some time to cuddle up next to a roaring fire and my laptop for some educational credits.
Education seems to be the core of a better business in my opinion aside from actual learning knowledge from transactions this appears to be the single most effective way to better yourself.

Well...I am off to work on my latest course, everyone have a wonderful day.