Monday, March 30, 2009

Agent and Client Hit Counts now being offered...

We just recently had the feature of hit counts added to our MLS I wonder what took them so long to do this. This is an amazing tool that you can share with your Sellers to show them how many times their property has been "clicked on".
Of course, there are certain as the Listing Agent do not count a click and any Agent or Customer that views the property more than once in any given day does not count as more than once click. I find this tool just remarkable, the Listing Agent is able to reset the counter as desired. I have been using this tool to further show the needs for price decreases or show that the price decrease that we did is causing activity on the property.
For example, We lowered the price on property A on 3/12/2009 they had 2 Client and 12 Agent clicks (which might show the Agent who was sending the MLS info felt the property wasn't a good fit for their client or that the property was not priced well) we reset the counter that afternoon to zero. Since the reset we currently have 52 Client and 57 Agent clicks (which shows the Agent is sending the property out to prospective Buyers).
Obviously, this is not a exact science and there has to be some interpretation for error but still I find this to be a neat tool to add to the bag to share with my customers. Thought I'd share this with the community and see if your MLS offers this, if not, you might want to ask if it is available.

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